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Candle Tips & Tricks!!

Candle Tips Anyone???? Ever wonder why your candle tunnels when it burns?? There is a whole etiquette to burning candles. Who knew??

1. Make sure your wicks are trimmed. It may be necessary to trim them after each light.

2. Place them on a flat heat safe surface, cork bottom, plate, or lid. You do not want to burn the area underneath your candle.

3. Use tweezers to remove crystals, herbs, or other items that fall in the way of the flame. (Place them on a paper towel to dry then run them under warm water. Re-use them for pocket stones, grids, or jars)

4. SUPER IMPORTANT Make sure you have time to burn your candle on the first light. Depending on the size you will want the first burn to last 1-2 hours. Be sure the hot wax melts all the way to the outer edge of your container. If you do not allow it to burn to the edge you WILL experience tunneling.

5. Do not blow out your candle!!!! I repeat DO NOT BLOW OUT YOUR CANDLE!! Instead use a lid or snuff to put the flame out. Blowing will cause the hot wax to press towards one side and you will experience a candle that burns sideways.

6. Don't forget to set your intentions before each light

7. Be sure to share with your candle loving friends

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