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Let's Boost Health! Fire Cider Uses, Recipe, & Benefits.

Fire Cider is what everyone is talking about. Feeling a cold coming on? Grab ya some fire cider! Feeling less motivated? Friend, you need some fire cider! I will be the FIRST to tell you that the hype is legit. You really DO need you some fire cider in your life and let me tell you why.

First let's discuss my medical history. I have been waking up almost daily with stomach pain, vomiting, and extreme burning from acid reflux for the last fifteen years. TMI, yes I know, but it is necessary information. I have seen several different doctors in several different states, been hospitalized over a dozen times, but no doctors could find a solution to my problem. As a mom, wife, and business owner, being sick just doesn't work for my daily life. I continued to do scopes and testing while listening to the advice of my doctor regarding medications. "Here, go home and try this for six weeks and see how you feel." "Oh, that didn't work? Go home and try this for six weeks, and let us know how you feel." Being a lab rat was not the vibe I was looking for. No matter what I tried, their solution was to only find a medicine that I would need to take daily forever. Yet we never found anything that worked. I was done being a test subject. Feeling worn out and literally hopeless on ever living a life of ease, I turned to natural herbal medicines. I started to do research, took some classes online, and joined a few groups. I have learned SO much, but along my way I was introduced to fire cider.

What is Fire Cider?

Fire Cider became popular in the 1970s and has taken a rise again recently. It is claimed to have a variety of health benefits ranging from treating colds, boosting immunity, improving blood circulation, aiding in digestion, and so much more! I like to think of it as a total reset.

Fire Cider Reset

When anyone asks me what type of herbals I suggest, I like to first discuss their history, but then suggest a thirty-day Fire Cider reset. It is my go-to! THEN we can discuss what you are still experiencing. Are you still sluggish? Has your pain eased? We can then pinpoint specific herbs to work with moving forward. After my thirty days, I still have minor stomach cramping, but the reflux has almost completely gone away, and there is almost no vomiting. AMAZING! I certainly noticed a difference in my motivation as well.

Fire Cider Benefits

This cider is full of ingredients offering anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immune boosting benefits. To show you the benefits, let's just break down the main ingredients.

Apple Cider Vinegar - is thought to have antimicrobial properties being used to treat sores and clean wounds. It is full of health boosting natural proteins and healthy bacteria. People who drink a shot of apple cider vinegar daily have reported weight loss, better digestive health, and better managed blood sugar levels.

Ginger - Used for digestive issues, asthma, and arthritis. Some research goes on to suggest it could also aid in cramping, muscle pain, and inflammation.

Garlic - Full of antis! Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antidiabetic, and antifungal.

Onions - Known to have antibiotic and antioxidant benefits. Onions are loaded with nutrients that may benefit hearth health, contain cancer fighting compounds, control blood sugar, and aid in digestion.

Hot Peppers - High in Vitamin C! Thought to have antimicrobial properties supporting heart health and preventing metabolic disease.

Horseradish - Has a long history of medicinal uses. Recognized for having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

WOWZERS! Now you know why everyone is raving about it right? Fire cider will surely assist you with a cold, but the benefits are so amazing that it is perfectly fine to take for digestion, to boost immunity, or to just reset your body from everyday toxins and foods. If you eat and feel sick after? Fire Cider! If you always feel gassy or bloated after you eat? Fire Cider! Hear a couple sniffles out of those kids? Fire Cider! I promise, you want to have fire cider on hand at all times. Your gut will be happy, your immunity will be happy, and your overall health will be happy.

Fire Cider Recipe

Now that we have discussed the ingredients and you had to scroll a mile, you've earned your recipe. This recipe makes (2) 16 oz mason jars. Cut/chop all ingredients, layer them in a clean jar, then top with your apple cider vinegar. Let sit for 4-6 weeks before straining into your desired storage container.

2 c. Apple Cider with the Mother

1.5 Habanero Peppers

1 c. Onion

2 Tbsp. Ground Turmeric or 1/2 c. Fresh Chopped

Handful of Peppercorns

1/4 c. Ginger

1/4 c. Horseradish

1/4 c. Garlic

2 Tbsp. Honey

Cinnamon Sticks

1/2 Bunch Fresh Thyme

1 Lemon Chopped

1 Lime Chopped

2 Mandarins Chopped

Cover with a piece of parchment paper before you put the lid on if you are using metal. Then wait! You can take 1-2 tsp per day to aid in digestion, boost immunity, or reset. Take 3 tsp daily at the first signs of a cold and until symptoms subside.

Shake well before use. Consult a physician before using if pregnant. Fire cider is shelf stable in a cool dark place for 5-7 months. It will last up to one year in the refrigerator.

Check out this on the spot review from our friends over at Lifted Spiritss!


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not meant to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure disease.

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