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Goddess of Love Intention Candle

Goddess of Love Intention Candle

Awaken the Goddess of Love within you with our divine intention candle, adorned with crystals, herbs, and infused with reiki energy.  Crafted to evoke the essense of love in its purest form, this candle is a sacred tool for nurturing self-love, compassion, and romantic connections. 


Each candle is meticulously handcrafted with a blend of ehtically sourced crystals and herbs, chosen for their ability to amplify the energy of love and passion.  As the candle burns, feel the gentle vibrations of rose quartz, garnet, and other loving crystals infusing your space with their healing energy.  


With the added touch of Reiki energy, our Goddess of Love intention candle becomes a potent catalyst for deep emotional healing and transformation.  


Scents will vary.  If you would like to choose your own scent, check out our custom intention candle where you choose the scent, size, and intention. 

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