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About Us

Welcome to Saging Space, where holistic wellness meets heartfelt passion.  I'm Jessica Salerno, the founder and creator of this sanctuary for soulful living.  My journey is guided by a deep-roooted desire to help others find peace, balance, and vitality in their lives.  

Fueled by my unwavering love for crystals, herbs, and natural healing, I've dedicated myself to curating a collection of treasures that uplift and inspire.  Each offering at Saging Space is infused with intention and love, carefully selected to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. 

If you ever need guidance, please contact us at support at: or message us in the chat on the app!

Thank you for visiting our shop! We are grateful that you've considered including us in your shopping journey.  We are located inside the Steel Goat Marketplace in Penn Hills located at 200 Jefferson Road, Penn Hills, Pa 15235 - Booth #4 on the top level.  Not only can you find our amazing products, but also shop with 100+ small business vendors as well.

About Us: About Us
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