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About Us

Welcome to Saging Space!! Thank you for visiting our shop! We are grateful that you've considered including us in your shopping journey.  We are located inside the Steel Goat Marketplace in Penn Hills located at 200 Jefferson Road, Penn Hills, Pa 15235 - Booth #4 on the top level.  Not only can you find our amazing products, but also shop with 100+ small business vendors as well.


My name is Jessica Salerno and I am the founder and creator of Saging Space. I started Saging Space in 2019 when I started creating custom wood boxes. Boy were they a hit!


I became drawn to astrology and the laws of attraction which led me to create my own spell jars and intention candles.  Thanks to my great support from friends and family, my sales grew and I eventually decided to start selling them on online.  Which leads us to today! 

I love crystals and am drawn to their energy. I am spiritual by nature and enjoy the peace these beautiful pieces bring to me. I also love selecting beautiful pieces with amazing energies and sharing them with my customers.  That is why I cleanse and hand pick each crystal based on the attraction to peace and harmony. I hope any choice that you make from our shop raises your spirits and guides you in your journeys.

If you ever need guidance, please contact us at support at:

About Us: About Us
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